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August 1, 2010


Is there a God?

Photo by Dan Paluska

“Is there a God?” asked the seeker.

“Yes, definitely,” said the theologian.

“Of course not,” said the atheist.

The master smiled, then pointed to the theologian. “You are wrong,” he said.

The theologian raised an eyebrow while the atheist grinned like a schoolboy with a pocket full of candy.

The master then turned to the atheist, “Oh, but you are wrong too,” he said.

Now all three were confused. “But how can they both be wrong?” said the seeker. “What is the answer then?”

“There is no answer,” said the master.

“But why?” said the seeker.

“Because there is no question,” said the master.

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  1. crystal p
    Aug 3 2010

    I like this a lot :)
    crystal p recently posted..Back to my Roots

  2. wngl
    Aug 4 2010

    Thank you for this post. Since you posted it has inspired a wealth of positive reflection!

  3. Used Stationary Bikes
    Aug 16 2010

    seeker: Is there a God?
    pagan: No, there are many gods

    there is no God, because there is no me
    Used Stationary Bikes recently posted..Freelancers- Get the Stress Out

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