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July 9, 2010



Photo by OliBac

One day, Subhuti sat under a tree and went into a state of total emptiness. Flowers from the tree began to shower upon him. He heard a whisper, as from the gods, saying “We thank you for your discourse on emptiness.”

“But I have not said anything about emptiness,” said Subhuti.

“That is true,” came the reply. “You have not spoken about emptiness. We have not heard about emptiness. That is true emptiness.”

And the flowers continued to fall like the rain.

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  1. Cmannering
    Jul 9 2010

    This is beautiful and I love the photo as well.

  2. damon nishiguchi
    Oct 26 2010

    profound. need i say more?

  3. Oct 26 2010

    say less ;)

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