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July 30, 2010

Do You Want Me to Thank You?

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The merchant Umeza decided to donate some money to the master Seietsu so that he could build a bigger school.

Umeza brought a bag full of coins and placed it before Seietsu, who was meditating. “This is for you to build a new school,” he said.

Seietsu opened his eyes, nodded, and went back to his meditations.

Umeza was a bit perturbed and he remarked, “There is enough money there to pay a year’s wages for 50 men.”

Seietsu opened his eyes and said, “So do you want me to thank you?”

Umeza said, “Well, isn’t it the least I should expect?”

Seietsu said, “Why should I? The giver should be thankful.” And he resumed his meditation.

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